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8. Marluxia




1) 6 Enters your bedroom at night, saying (s)he had a nightmare. What do you do?
Ask him what he is planning and say again "I AM NOT KIRA". 
2) You're hosting a party with 3, 9, and 7. What's going on?
Well we ended up play cards while Axel passes out from being so drunk.
3) 1 says 9 stole his/her last (favorite food/drink). Reactions?
Ciel  doesn't give a flying fuck what he thinks. Minato plans to steal his girlfriend with his unmatched charm.
4) 4 and 9 are picking on 3. Why? What do you do?
Ahikiko accidentally brings up Operation Babe Hunt. I laugh to myself and leave before they both get beaten up.
5) 7 is spreading rumors about 2 and 10. What is it about?
6) 8 and 3 ask a favor of you. What for? Your reaction?

they don't ask, they do.
7) 3 and 4 have a big secret. You and 5 happen to stumble upon it. What is it?
They talk fighting strategies over a game of Go.  Prussia-old man much Japan?
8) 2 says that 1, 7, 8 are fighting over you. (S)he suggests 7. Who do you pick?
I cant choose but I know Shinji would get awfully jealous.......
9) 5's birthday is today, but (s)he is all alone. What do you do?
Awwww, I hope to make him the best birthday party for the two of us.
10) 6 Wants to kiss you. What do you say?
I SAID I AM NOT KIRA!(he would use this strategy
11) 3 is obsessed with 10. How does 4 deal with his/her jealousy?
He contemplates the universe for the right answer
12) 1 is becoming really irritating. Why? Reaction?
He can't talk he has to study, work, get bitc-make bonds of friendship! Me- :iconcbfaceplz: Teach me your ways senpai!
13) You host a slumber party, inviting 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 over and you're being forced to pair up with someone to sleep with from losing a bet. Why? Who do you end up with?
Some one cheated at cards *daggers at Ciel* I end up sleeping on the floor anyway.
14) Refer to (13). While you guys prepare for bed, that person strips down to his underwear, saying it is his/her pajamas. What do you do? Keepin the pout
15) Same question except with 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. What do you do?
Welp my ovaries are done. *weird looks and I fall face first to the floor*
16) Same thing, except (s)he's just flirting with you. What do you do? *runs away giggling like a fool*
17) 5 and 6 ask you to decide who is better looking. Who do you choose?
18) 1 and 10? hard to choose
19) 2 and 7?
Shinji is a cutie :iconawwehplz:
20) You go to a party with 3. Where? Why?
School culture fest. It is a date :D
21) 1 is dying. What do you do?
Go on an adventure with Theo to let his soul rest
22) Out of 1, 2, 3, who is your Valentine's date?
Shinjiro would make the most delicious meal, Ahikiko would have the cutest date ever and Minato is the enigma of all.
23) Same question except, 4, 5,6.
24) Again, because this meme demands it! 7, 8, 9.
Marluxia would get me my favorite flavors
25) 10 takes you to the theatre. What goes on?
He learns what a movie is and take lessons from the movie and talks abit
26) 3 and 6 stole something of yours? What was it? Reaction?
L would steal things he found suspicious of mine. GODDAMNIT L  I AM GOING TO FLIP SHIT. Ahikiko would be planning something really cheesy or Junpei egged him on
27) You enter your house, only to find out 1 moved in. What do you do?
Music party
28) 4 and 7 moved in as well? Reaction?
Annnnnnd my house is burned down......
29) 1 is feeling ill. Why? Do you help?
He is feeling sick from getting caught in a bad storm.Yes ,let him rest his head on my lap.
30) 2 had a car accident. What do you do?
freak out severely
31) 4,5,6 invite you on a road trip! Then the vehicle breaks down. What happens?
I kill L he did this on purpose
32) Needing help in classes. You have 4 and 8 tutor you. What happens?
I space out and bad things happen.....
33) A tornado wiped out 10's home. Do you help?
You had a house...?
34) 7 to help him/her make dinner using nothing but marshmallows. Participate?
no thanks..... and now I am on fire
35) Something's going on in 1's bedroom, you hear 1 and 9 in there. Do you go in?
yep and chaos is what is ensuing
36) You and 2 are stuck in an elevator. What happens?
Talk abit laughing at the situation
37) Refer to (36) 3 happens to appear in the stuck elevator. Now what?
We still talk with Ahikiko
38) 5 demands you are to be his wife/husband. What do you do?
I am not a piece of land you claim.....I would of said yes if you asked jeez.
39) You are asked to watch over 2, 4, and 6 for the day. What happens?
L is dead still
40) Refer to (39) 4 becomes a real pain. Reaction?
41) 3,5,10 are drunk. What do you do?
Laugh and try not to get puked on
42) On Facebook, 8 and 9 are spamming you with love notes. What do you do?
Send Ciel pictures of cats
43) 2 and 1 are playing pirate. Do you join?
No I would get hurt
44) You find out 4 is a terrorist. Join him/her or other option?
:I no
45) 2, 3, and 5 flood your house with cats. Your reaction?
*sneezes and and starts coughing*
46) In the dark, you, 3, 5, and 9 are locked in a room. What happens?
We mess with Ciel
47) You enter your bathroom, only to find 10 using your shower. What do you do?
Oh mai I would-*CENSOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
48) While jogging with 1, you twisted your ankle. Does 1 help?
He carries me the way back :3
49) 9 lost a bet against you. Why? What is the outcome?
I know how to use a computer he doesn't. He is in a pink tutu in a room full of cats with gay pornz of him and Sebastian
50) Everyone planned a surprise party for you. What happens?
I don't remember any of it


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Hello one and all welcome to my page. I have returned from a major leave from deviant art due to time constraints. I am a Junior in high school, I appear as one of the smart kids but don't be fooled. I am an introvert with social anxiety also a INFP if you want a type. I am a closet Asexual for the most part apart from a few friends
I am apart of these Fandoms:
Hetalia, Sherlock, DC, Marvel, Till Death to us Part (Number one most underrated manga I have read please pick it up its great) Mass effect, Rule of Rose, Silent Hill, Last of Us, Wolf Among Us, Supernatural, Attack On Titan, Pandora Hearts, Person series, Bioshock Series, Valiant Hearts. Probably more but I don't remember.
Cosplays Done and next year in advance or Scheduled
Elizabeth (Dress needs fixed)
Closet Cheshire
A mass effect RP on FB that is a on hiatus, message me if you want a link to the group
Open tentatively to others

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